While looking for a capable bookkeeper a couple years ago, integrity was key for us; but skill, diversity, strategy, and understanding of the corporate and construction industries were equally important.

We were drawn to Tim Taylor’s understanding of the things we were looking for. As Tim became familiar with our needs, he slowly revised some of our financial processes to make our records more accurate and smoother flowing. An all-around great guy, we gladly recommend Tim and the services of Taylor, Gerber & Associates to anyone who is looking for professional bookkeeping services.

Rosely Schwarz, Co-owner
Earthscape Ontario Inc.

Mike Gerber started off coming in quarterly and taking care of my government remittances. As my business grew, I had less time to spend in the office. I hired him to come in weekly to do all my book work so that I could do what I make money doing—repairing farm equipment. Mike is very thorough and the work gets done right. He keeps things running smoothly.

Tony Grove, Owner
Pinegrove Farm Service

We drop off our receipts in a box and [Taylor Gerber] looks after our payroll, accounting for all of our expenses, our incomes taxes, our source deductions, our HST etc. Working with Cynthia allows me to concentrate on my dollar producing activities. I have referred them to others and will continue to do so. I am confident that they have the tools, the care, and the knowledge to the get job done properly.

Doug Coulter, Real Estate Agent

We are a law firm so we have specific rules for reconciling accounts. Cynthia Taylor makes sure it is done right. She is familiar with our regular expenses and can work without direction. If there is a problem she solves it right away. I would highly recommend Cynthia Taylor. She provides a great service at our location on a schedule that really works for our business.

Kirsten Van Drunen, Co-owner
Van Drunen Law

When I incorporated, I knew I needed to do a better job of my bookkeeping. Mike Gerber comes to my office every other week to do my payroll, accounts payable, and HST. He has helped me understand what the bank is looking for, and to make sure we are going in the right direction. He is also the “go-to” guy when the accountant has questions at the end of the year. Working with [Taylor Gerber] has made me a better manager and made me more aware of the financial side of my business.

Dennis Frey CCA-ON, President
Clean Field Services Inc.

I was a sole proprietor for 15 years and then incorporated in 2009. Having Tim Taylor take care of my bookkeeping definitely allowed me to become more prosperous and to enlarge my company. He does the work in a shorter timeframe than I could and makes me look more professional. Tim is easy to get along with, efficient, accessible when I have questions, and he foresees problems. Tim really understands small business.

Steve Martin, President
Steve Martin Construction Ltd